Tangible results

Don’t merely collect knowledge and skills. Put them to practical use.

Don’t just spend all your time and energy amassing a large set of tools. Do meaningful, beneficial work with those tools.

It’s great to have skills, capabilities, resources, and connections. But it would be a terrible shame not to deploy them in the service of a worthwhile goal.

Yes, prepare yourself well, align yourself to achieve. Then follow through with the achievement.

Admit to yourself, and to the world, what you care about, what matters to you. Put your love and caring into action, and transform it all into tangible results.

Utilize the potential of all your other skills with the skill of being purposeful. Discover what a great difference you can make, and make it.

— Ralph Marston

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Beyond Trying

Beyond trying

To get something done, you have to stop merely trying to do it. If you see yourself as trying, you’re reinforcing doubts about your ability.

When you’re merely trying, you’re not fully committed. Maybe you’re not even sure what you want, or whether you truly want it.

Ask yourself, what would it take to get beyond trying? What can you pursue that will leave you with no doubts about its worthiness, no doubts about your ability to make it happen?

You can adjust your goal, you can modify your strategy, you can let go of certain priorities and embrace others. You can get yourself to the place where you’re far beyond trying, and actually making progress.

Trying wears you down, and you deserve better. You deserve to be fully engaged in rich, meaningful effort that’s leading to a valued outcome.

Get beyond trying, beyond doubt, frustration, and empty efforts. Experience the clarity, the honesty, the sheer joy of making good and meaningful things happen.

— Ralph Marston

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Opportunities for kindness

Here’s a quick, reliable, accessible way to genuinely feel good. Offer kindness to someone.

Here’s a surefire way to know you matter, to know without a doubt that you’re making a difference. Give kindness to another person.

Although your kindness may not even be noticed by anyone else, it has great value. Because you notice, and you observe the goodness within you being put into action.

Kindness heals, forgives, forgets past wrongs, and enables future progress. Kindness leaves, in the hearts of those who receive it, the urge to pass it along, to expand it and improve upon it.

Kindness is authentic, not complicated, within the reach of anyone. Those who practice kindness grow stronger, more confident, more creative, connected, and fulfilled.

Today you’ll encounter numerous opportunities for kindness. To the extent you sieze upon them, everybody wins.

— Ralph Marston

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Adapt and Thrive

Adapt and thrive

You can change, you can adapt, you can learn, you can adjust. And because of all that, you can thrive in a wide range of situations.

You don’t have to cower in despair and helplessness when the world around you changes. You have the amazing ability to rise up and meet those changes with ingenious changes of your own.

You are never stuck where you are, never confined to doing what you’ve always done. You can choose to improve numerous aspects of your life, and then you can follow through on that choice.

Your prospects for next year are not limited by the circumstances of this year. You can change, and by so doing can transcend your circumstances or, better yet, transform them.

Many things are instinctive to you, but a whole lot of things go far beyond mere instinct. You can look out at the world, recognize possibilities, and configure your knowledge, skills, and actions to exploit those possibilities.

The future arrives quickly, yet you’re able, even more quickly, to improve your relationship to the future. Learn, adjust, adapt, and make the future brighter by the way you choose to meet it.

— Ralph Marston

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