Carpe Diem

Timely achievements

What you can do today, you may not be able to do tomorrow. You must seize opportunity when it arrives, so you’re not chasing it after it departs.

You can’t know exactly what tomorrow will bring, but you do know it will be different than today. So the time to do what you can do today, is today.

None of your options are perfect, but at least you have access to them. That won’t always be the case.

Right now you can choose the best of those options. Right now you can work to transform them into lasting achievement.

Don’t just sit around manufacturing regret. Get up, get to work, and produce new value.

Give yourself the extreme satisfaction of knowing you’ve done all you could do. And give the world the benefit of your timely and meaningful achievements.

— Ralph Marston

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Middle Ground

Somewhere in the middle

Accept the reality of this moment, this situation, for what it is. But don’t be dolefully resigned to it or blithely complacent about it.

If you don’t like what’s going on, things will change. If you do like what’s going on, things will change.

Every day, in fact, is a mixture of challenges to be faced and joys to be lived. Every situation includes difficulties, opportunities, satisfactions, frustrations, uncertainties and inspiration.

You’re not going to encounter a long stretch of time that’s completely perfect in every way. And fortunately, you’re not likely to find yourself in a situation of utterly hopeless despair.

The vast majority of your time you’ll be somewhere in the middle. In that space, with positive intention and focused effort, you can leave each moment a little better than you found it.

Today is the way it is, and that’s an opportunity. You can do something with it, you can do something about it, so go ahead and give it your best.

— Ralph Marston

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Life goes on

Life goes forward

Clouds dance along the distant horizon. Emerald leaves reach toward a sapphire sky.

The wonder that is life, the miracle that is existence, happens now. In you, through you, with you, around you, unfold beauty and detail never before known.

Within the spectacle, dwell endless possibilities. Within you lives the wisdom to choose from those possibilities, along with the energy that brings them into being.

Look outward for a while and take in the enormity, the potential of all you see. Then pull your focus deeply inside, and consider all you love, all you can do, all you can be.

Allow yourself to realize what an amazing and valuable moment this is. Encourage yourself as your spirit rises up to fulfill its highest destiny.

Live the wonder, ensconced in something larger than all you could ever imagine. Life goes forward, now and always.

— Ralph Marston

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It’s all about the Journey

Monday, March 23, 2020

Where you’re headed

What makes life good is not any particular situation, no matter how attractive it may be. What makes life good is the process of moving toward something deeply desired and valuable.

Where you’re headed is far more significant than where you are. And you have remarkable influence over where you’re headed.

Whether you’re currently in a good place, or a brutally challenging one, the decision is yours. Where do you now choose to be going?

Success begins to happen the moment you start acting to make it happen. The rewards of any ambitious effort begin to accumulate within the effort itself.

Look forward, to a world made better by your focused action, your resourcefulness, your love. Envision that world, step purposefully toward it, and it begins to be real.

You have the moment, you have the skill, you have the desire. Harness it all to move life in a positive and fulfilling direction.

— Ralph Marston

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