Power to Adapt

Power to adapt

All sorts of factors in your life and in your world keep changing from day to day, moment to moment. That can be a big problem for you, or it can be a great opportunity.

You have the power to adapt to changing conditions. Make use of that power, and get the inevitable changes to work in your favor.

A few hours from now, or next week, or the entire future, they’re all moving targets. The most carefully laid plans can become useless and outdated overnight.

Yet that’s no reason to give up on your goals. On the contrary, it’s an opportunity to deploy your power to adapt.

It might actually be that a changing situation offers even better possibilities than what existed before. Position yourself to fulfill the best of those possibilities by adapting to the changes.

When your world changes, you could become immobilized with worry, you could waste time and energy complaining, or you can adapt. Let your power to adapt kick in, and be your best in an ever-changing world.

— Ralph Marston

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Say You Will

Say you will

Intention shines a light on specific possibilities and opportunities. Express a particular intention, and you begin to find your way toward its fulfillment.

Intention gathers your willingness and aims it all in the same direction. Intention energizes your skills and capabilities.

Say you will, and mean it. Say you will, with seriousness and conviction, and you’re on your way to getting it done.

Say you will, then begin right away to follow through. Express your intention with so much certainty and commitment that you’re compelled by your own determination to keep it alive.

Transform your scattered dreams, preferences, and wishes into solid intentions. Decide what you will indeed do, and put the whole of yourself behind that decision.

Say you will, then do more than just saying it. Make your intention, then make it happen.

— Ralph Marston

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Just Do-It

Go out and do

Life’s energy does not come from talking, wishing, speculating about life’s energy. Life gains its energy from action.

Get up, get active, go out and do. If your muscles do not ache at the end of the day, you have neglected many opportunities for richness.

Connect with the reality of hot and cold, of soft and hard, of distance, depth, and steepness. Challenge yourself to navigate through the rugged terrain of what is true and solid, nourishing and fulfilling.

You are capable of so much more than merely absorbing comfort and pleasant entertainment. Choose to be an active participant in the wonder of existence.

Feel your strength increasing as you negotiate the difficult trade-offs. Act to create rich experiences that add lasting value to your life.

Honor and fulfill the potential that’s been coming your way since before you were born. Go out and do all the good you can do in this real and beautiful world.

— Ralph Marston

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Genuine Understanding

Genuine understanding

You have your own perspective, and it is well-informed and valuable. Yet you do not know it all, and it’s a good idea to avoid the assumption that you do.

Other people may often frustrate and annoy you, and you may wonder how they could be so ignorant, immature, misinformed or whatever. But you only see a very small part of their perspective, and cannot possibly know everything that goes into their decisions.

Being overly judgmental rarely does anyone any good. Look for opportunities to replace judgment with empathy and understanding.

Do all you can to live and act with excellence, and expect excellence from others. When people fail to live up to your expectations, find ways to offer help rather than to cause hurt.

Seek to understand, and to encourage genuine understanding in others. Let go of the need to lecture and to rant, so you can spend more of your precious life in a positive state.

Make connections instead of judgments. And make the best of every situation and of every person you encounter.

— Ralph Marston

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