Don’t Let the Muggles get you

Flip the negative

People, events, situations can leave you confused, frightened, angry, or resentful, often by design. Yet you can always choose a more empowered response.

Engage positively in life. Flip the negative influences on their head so they inspire you rather than bring you down.

Take a proactive approach to your own sense of well being. Absorb whatever energy is pointed your way and transform it into a force for goodness.

No one else has a right to control how you feel. So don’t give anyone the chance.

You’re very familiar with what inspires you to be your best. Make that your focus, and make good, helpful, productive living your outcome.

Flip the negative influences and commit yourself to being a positive presence in life. There’s a whole lot of good you can do by being you, so enable all that goodness to unfold.

— Ralph Marston

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Truth lives in the silence between the words

Into stillness

In stillness you can hear yourself think. In stillness you can remember who you are.

In stillness you gain perspective. In stillness you connect to purpose.

If you so choose, every waking hour can be filled with information, entertainment, stimulation, and excitement. But that’s not your best choice.

Give yourself time and space for contemplation. Give yourself the opportunity to peacefully experience the depth of your own being.

All the bright rectangles bursting with color and motion and sound are intoxicating. They evoke reality, yet they are not even close to the sum of reality.

Arrange yourself into some stillness every so often. And reconnect with the deep, rich reality of your own rare and precious existence.

— Ralph Marston

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Make A Better You

Monday, July 27, 2020

Make a better you

You don’t need anyone else’s permission to make a positive difference in your own life. Focus yourself on an intention and get to work.

You can add richness to your world no matter what the broader economy is doing. You can spend the day in fulfilling activity regardless of what the pundits and leaders say or do.

You don’t need to wish or wait for a better world. Because right here, right now, you can make a better you.

You’re the person who knows most accurately and completely what’s best for you. You’re the person who can make much of that happen.

You will never have perfect options to choose from. Yet you always have the ability to select the best from whatever options are available to you.

Do what is good, what is right, what is helpful, smart, and purposefully positive, and make a better you. That’s what you can do to move toward a better world.

— Ralph Marston

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No Place for Negativity

No place for negativity

Bring more beauty into your life, and there will be less room for anxiety. Give positive action to your thoughts, and fewer of those thoughts will be centered around doubt.

When you actively resist what is undesirable, you unwittingly make it more prominent and powerful. Rather than resisting what you don’t want, replace it with what you do want.

Think of one thing that normally upsets you whenever it happens. Then decide that you’ll no longer be upset by it, and will instead be inspired to take positive action.

Choose not to give your energy to misfortune or malfeasance. Don’t let your dislike of a small part of reality overshadow all the other possibilities that are open to you.

Turn your attention toward what you love, and allow that love to permeate your awareness. Center your efforts around expanding and enhancing life’s goodness.

Fill your moments, your thoughts, your actions with what you treasure most. Make your life so positively purposeful that there’s no place for negativity to find a home.

— Ralph Marston

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