NIkola Tesla – ahead of his time

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In 1899, Tesla decided to move and began research in Colorado Springs, Colorado in a lab located near Foote Ave. and Kiowa St.,[95]where he would have room for his high-voltage, high-frequency experiments. Upon his arrival he told reporters that he was conducting wireless telegraphy experiments transmitting signals from Pikes Peak to Paris. Tesla’s diary contains explanations of his experiments concerning the ionosphere and the ground’s telluric currents via transverse waves and longitudinal waves.[96] At his lab, Tesla proved that the earth was a conductor, and he produced artificial lightning (with discharges consisting of millions of volts, and up to 135 feet long).[97] Tesla also investigated atmospheric electricity, observing lightning signals via his receivers. Reproductions of Tesla’s receivers and coherer circuits show an unpredicted level of complexity (e.g., distributed high-Q helical resonatorsradio frequencyfeedback, crude heterodyne effects, and regeneration techniques).[98] Tesla stated that he observed stationary waves during this time.[99]

Tesla researched ways to transmit power and energy wirelessly over long distances (via transverse waves, to a lesser extent, and, more readily, longitudinal waves). He transmitted extremely low frequencies through the ground as well as between the Earth’s surface and the Kennelly–Heaviside layer. He received U.S. Patent 645,576 on wireless transceivers that developed standing waves by this method. In his experiments, he made mathematical calculations and computations based on his experiments and discovered that theresonant frequency of the Earth was approximately 8 hertz (Hz).[100] In the 1950s, researchers confirmed that the resonant frequency of the Earth’s ionospheric cavity was in this range (later named the Schumann resonance).[101]Tesla Tower

In the early 1900s Nikola Tesla understood the electric current produced by the rotation of the earth and also knew how to transmit it wirelessly around the planet. The Wardenclyffe Tower to the right was started to demonstrate this by transmitting power across the Atlantic. When J.P. Morgan, Tesla’s finance  learned of his plan to supply the world with unlimited power for free he immediately realized there would be nothing in it for him profit wise and cut off Tesla funds.

Over 100 years ago this planet would have had unlimited renewable power if a few people had been more concerned with the planet instead of their pockets. The Schumann resonance effect is well documented in the physics world, but is it made use of? Instead The Oil companies are making record profits, and mother nature is getting sicker by the day. Tesla was ahead of his time, but his ideas will be put to use eventually. Nicola Tesla – a man ahead of his time.

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