Live with enjoyment

Live With Enjoyment

Enjoyment is not something you take. It is something you

Enjoyment is not a function of your circumstances. Enjoyment
is a choice you can make, regardless of the circumstances.

When you choose to enjoy where you are, it opens your eyes
to the positive possibilities. When you decide to enjoy what
you’re doing, your effectiveness skyrockets.

Enjoy your day, and you add joy not only to your own life
but also to all of life around you. Enjoy who you are, and
from who you are will flow great and meaningful value.

Give the gift of your own genuine enjoyment. Demonstrate
your gratitude and immense respect for life by truly
enjoying each precious moment.

Instead of reacting to life with frustration or
disappointment or anger, make the choice to enjoy what life
brings your way. Live with enjoyment, and give the best of
who you are.

Ralph Marston

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