Anything that I can describe with words is limited, and can never promote unlimited understanding, but sometimes writing clarifies things for me. To most people in my world these ideas about life are gibberish, but you’ll understand (maybe). A course in Miracles calls it the holy spirit – Abraham calls it source – I call it love. “Love is all there is” (No Hay Mas Que Amor)

Our life experience is completely controlled by our focus. We all start out as non physical wholeness. Wholeness we will always remain, but a minute portion of our focus is directed towards this “physical world”. Here in this world of duality we focus on separation. That’s all the ego is – focus. It’s not good or bad, but just a minute portion of our awareness focused on the physical. In the book 2150 they called us micro man, because such a minute portion of our awareness became the entire universe. We chose to forget that “projection makes perception” for a more “realistic” experience.

There is only ever one single thing that we are working on in this life: SELF LOVE. When you say “I love you”, it is self love. In this world of apparent duality, you may see a difference between me and you, but in reality this separation doesn’t exist. Everything in your life is a projection of yourself. Cultivating compassion is cultivating self love. Helping others is self love. Forgiving someone else is self love. You can not hold one tiny shred of resistance towards anything and truly love yourself. Me thinks it’s the real reason that spiritual teachers make such a big deal about you releasing resistance to EVERYTHING, even your worst nightmares.

This is what Abraham is all about. Our macro SELF is made up of lots of lives and lots of experiences for practicing self love. Whenever the personality self feels angry, scared, bored, etc. it’s because we’re not in alignment with our whole self. (your emotional guidance system) Any feeling, other than love is our personality self focusing on something that love doesn’t focus on. The Universe keeps expanding regardless. We can’t get it wrong and we’ll never get it done. Because it’s never done, it’s never wrong. YES! These are exciting times. Did I leave anything out?

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