Positive Assumptions

Positive Assumptions

Positive assumptions

Assume the best, and then work to make your assumption true.
Assume you can do it, and then go about finding a way to get
it done.

Your assumptions exert a powerful influence on your
thoughts, actions and perceptions. To make your life more
fulfilling, make your assumptions more positive.

At any point in time, life has so many pathways to choose
from that you cannot possibly perceive them all. What you
will see are the possibilities you assume to be there.

That doesn’t mean those possibilities are imaginary. What it
means is that those very real possibilities are discernable
and available to you because of the assumptions you’ve made.

Negative, disabling assumptions lead you in the direction of
a very dismal reality. Positive, empowering assumptions give
you every opportunity to live a rich, fulfilling life.

Though assumptions don’t make your wishes come true, they
can give you the perspective necessary for bringing your
dreams to life. Assume the best, and you’ll encounter plenty
of opportunities to make it happen.

Ralph Marston

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