Give Peace

Give Peace

Give peace

On this Christmas day of giving, give peace. Let yourself be
filled with peace, and let that peace flow out from you to
brighten your whole world.

There is no good reason for conflict, within you or outside
of you. Replace thoughts of lack and limitation with
thoughts of abundance and love, and the conflicts quickly

Peace is yours to choose, and yours to share. Feel how truly
fortunate you are to experience this life and this moment,
and be fully at peace with it all.

Peace cannot be forced or compelled. And yet it can easily
and powerfully be accepted and shared.

Today, and every day, live peace and give peace. Fulfillment
comes not from taking and striving, but from loving and

Give peace, and give value that has no end. Live in peace,
and live at your very best.

Ralph Marston

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