Have Fun!



The most fun

Those who get the most done are those who have the most fun.
Those who work at the highest level of effectiveness are
those who genuinely enjoy what they’re doing.

Having fun doesn’t mean being useless or irresponsible or
lacking in focus. Having fun means having a positive,
playful, curious and enthusiastic attitude about whatever
you’re doing.

If you must get it done, then get it done while having fun.
Put fun into it, and you’ll get much more out of it.

Fighting against yourself, against the effort, and against
the situation does not achieve anything of value. Instead,
allow yourself to enjoy the experience.

As long as you’re doing it anyway, make it fun. Truly enjoy
and treasure your work, your life, your responsibilities and
your circumstances, and make the very best of them.

There are countless ways to have fun when you make the
choice to do it. So go ahead, have a whole lot of real,
genuine fun, and you’ll get a whole lot more done.

Ralph Marston

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