Make Life Fun



Make life fun

Instead of looking for reasons to complain, look for ways to
laugh. If you run out of things to do, try smiling.

Have fun, laugh out loud, figure out what you enjoy the most
and get yourself involved in doing it. Challenge yourself to
put more fun into whatever you’re doing.

Do you want to be encouraged, motivated, inspired,
enthusiastic and full of energy? Then spend your time doing
what you enjoy and enjoying what you do.

It’s not really that difficult to transform a dismal,
frustrating, disappointing day into a delightful one. Just
stop focusing so much on the bad stuff and make the choice
to make life fun.

No, it’s not irresponsible or disrespectful to have fun.
What’s truly irresponsible is to go through life with your
joy buried so deep that nobody ever benefits from it.

So go ahead, let the joy flow out from you as you give your
energy and awareness to what really matters. Make life great
by making life fun.

Ralph Marston

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