Reach for the stars



Highest expectations

If you’ve been disappointed, it’s tempting to lower your
expectations so you won’t be disappointed again. But that’s
not how it works.

In reality, when you expect less you’ll be disappointed
more. The lower you aim, the less fulfilling your life will

You deserve a life that’s full and rich, so set your
expectations high. And see each disappointment as an
opportunity to set those expectations even higher.

In one way, disappointment is a good thing because it means
you are making an attempt. The key to fulfillment is to keep
making those attempts, to keep raising your expectations,
and to work your way forward.

A strong sense of purpose is what will keep you going. By
continuing to expect the best of yourself you can move
quickly away from each disappointment.

When you fail to reach your expectations, raise those
expectations even higher. Make it meaningful enough and
you’ll make it happen.

Ralph Marston

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