Consider, Decide, and Do


Consider, decide, and do

Consider, decide, and do. Think about what’s most important
to you, and then put those thoughts into action.

Take notice of the doubts and fears, learn what they have to
teach, and then let them go. Make the commitment to move
forward no matter what, and honor that commitment each day.

Achievement is challenging but not particularly complicated.
It’s a matter of consistently putting your values, goals,
desires and dreams into action.

It’s up to you to make your life the way you want it to be.
Every day is filled with opportunities for you to make
meaningful progress.

Don’t settle for being overcome with regret, wondering what
might have been. Use this day, this month, this year to
create the best of what you know can be.

Consider what truly matters, decide with passion and
commitment to go for it, and do what you must do to make it
happen. Today is your time to live with purpose, so go ahead
and make it count.

Ralph Marston

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