Intention empowers

Intention empowers your life. Intention activates your
passion, energizes your efforts, and pushes you past your

For intention to do all these things, it must be authentic.
When it is authentic, intention carries the power to achieve

To put that power into what you do, acknowledge and embrace
who you truly are. There are specific things you really want
to do with life, so give yourself the intention to do them.

Point yourself in a direction you have chosen, a direction
you care about. Set your path based not on the superficial
fashions of the moment, but on the spirit living deep inside

Feel that spirit, and the positive values connected to it,
and you feel your power. Resolve to give new beauty,
excellence and substance to life, and you will suddenly find
yourself doing it.

Empower your day, your year, your life with authentic
intention. Live the way you are meant to live, and do all
you are meant to do.

Ralph Marston

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