It’s not that far – reach out


Not far away

You are not that far away from where you want to be. You are
only a single decision, a single instant, a single positive
action away from the direction you wish to go.

Whatever you seek is within reach. What you must do, is

You will always be pleasantly surprised at how quickly you
make progress. Just go ahead and get started.

Learn from all that has brought you to this point. Be
thankful for the wisdom, the experience, the strength and
the purposeful sense of determination it has all given you.

Then point that determination in a positive direction, and
go. Go with gusto, go with enthusiasm and the greatest of
expectations along the path that is already in front of you.

Right now, right here, you are not that far away. Step up
and make the journey, for you deserve it.

Ralph Marston

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