Give Yourself a Target

Give yourself a target

In what specific ways would you most like to experience life today, tomorrowsix months from nowfive years from now? Spell out those goals in clear detail, and focus your life on making them real.

Give yourself a bright and distinct target. You’re already investing your time and effort each moment, each day, so make sure that investment produces a meaningful reward.

You can accomplish pretty much anything, if you’ll just decide what it is and constantly keep that vision in front of you. When you point thoughts, actions, words, and feelings all in the same direction, amazing results materialize.

Your life unfolds according to your priorities. Look around you right now, and see precisely where your past priorities have successfully brought you.

Now, you have the opportunity to choose the priorities that will shape your life going forward. Challenge yourself to decide exactly what those priorities will be, and to stick with them.

Give yourself a target that matters, that excites you and inspires you to live with passion and vigor. Give yourself a target, and create your life according to your highest vision.

— Ralph Marston

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