What IF?

If you were to empty the garbage from your mind, what would that process look like? If you were to let go of all the thoughts that hold you back, what would take their place?

If you were to rise above the pettiness of your ego, what would you do in the next moment? If you were to make this time and place a little better, what small factor would you work to improve?

If you were forever free of anxiety and envy, how would you employ your increased energy? If you were to fully realize how good you have it, in what new ways would you choose to give of yourself?

If you were to give voice to difficult truths, what would have inspired you to do so? If you were to give up a desirable but destructive habit, would it really be so painful?

If you were to be more honest with yourself, which of your own excuses would you no longer tolerate? If you were to tackle your most difficult challenge, what’s the first step you would take?

If you were confident of success, what would you relentlessly work to achieve? If you were to live the life you always dreamed of living, what would you do, starting right now?

— Ralph Marston

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