To Live life fully take big bites. Moderation is for monks


You cannot have life without some adversity. What you can have is strength in the face of adversity, and that’s a much better bargain. 

You cannot make progress without encountering challenges. What you can have, though, are the courage, determination, and persistence to push through those challenges. 

Do not wish for life to be easy, because that is a wish for life to be empty. Seek instead the strength and fortitude to live a life filled with meaning and substance. 

Awaken again each day to the wondrous reality of your problems, your possibilities, your limitations, courage, gratitude, disappointment, generosity, and love. Life is a rich bundle of powerful forces and varied directions, with so many great options for living it well. 

Find solid confidence in knowing that whatever you encounter, you can encounter with grace, with integrity, with a commitment to add more goodness to life. Though you cannot choose the strength or direction of the wind, you can decide precisely where it propels you. 

Welcome that wind as it teases, as it shifts, as it howls, and revel in the awesome energy that is life. You have much good to do, and here is your day, your opportunity, to do it. 

— Ralph Marston

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