The value of hope 

Hope does not come with a guarantee. It comes with something much more powerful and enriching to life, which is challenge. 

Hope is yours to choose, at any time, in any situation. Yet the value of hope is not in acquiring it, but in rising to its challenge. 

Set hope before yourself where it can constantly pull you forward. Let the power of its positive, compelling challenge surge through every part of your being. 

Speak with hope, act with hope, live with hope, but don’t expect hope to do the work. That’s your job, as indeed it must be. 

For the real value of hope is not in what it gives you, but in what it compels you to give. Hope is a challenge you cannot turn away from, a challenge to be your best. 

Dare to look forward with great hope. Then step up and work through the rewarding challenge that hope so graciously provides. 

— Ralph Marston

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