A pleasant thought

Pleasant thought

You don’t have to let your thoughts continue to resist your life and your efforts. Whenever you choose, you can think a pleasant thought.

Think a pleasant thought, and push your awareness in a positive direction. Think a pleasant thought, and raise your energy to a higher level.

There are all too many incidents that can trigger a cascade of distressing feelings. They can trap you in a vicious negative thought pattern and immobilize your efforts.

When you realize that’s happening, break the pattern with a pleasant thought. Think of a good memory, a dear friend, a favorite place, or a satisfying activity.

A pleasant thought is not naive, wishful thinking. It is a strategy that enables you to regain control and to boost your effectiveness.

When life knocks you down is precisely the time you can benefit most from a positive perspective. Think a pleasant thought, and get yourself back to being your best.

— Ralph Marston

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