The path to possible

Imagine the impossible, and suddenly it moves closer to being possible. Imagine the impossible, and give yourself the chance to fully explore what you imagine.

Often when something is considered impossible, it’s the method that’s deemed impossible, not the result. And quite often, there’s another, completely workable method that no one has thought of yet.

That’s why so very many things that were once dismissed as impossible are now commonplace. For each one, someone figured out a way to make it happen.

Imagine something impossible, and think of exactly what its benefit would be, if it were in fact possible. Then ask yourself, is there another way to produce that same benefit?

The path to possible begins with the acknowledgment that there’s more than just one path. Imagine the impossible, but don’t let your imagination get stuck on just one version of it.

Maybe your impossible dream is not as impossible as you think. Immerse your thoughts in the meaningful goodness it can bring, and you’re much more likely to find your way there.

— Ralph Marston

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