Authentically you

Be honest about being you. Pretense is stressful, expensive, difficult to maintain, and offers no real value.

Take a deep, satisfying, genuine breath of fresh air. Feel how good it feels to be at peace with who you are, with how you are, with all you love and care about.

There will always be those who don’t accept you, or don’t respect you. Let that be their problem, not yours.

Your purpose is not to impress anyone, or to get anyone to like you. Let yourself live and experience each moment in a way that is authentically you.

Go forward, do what you do, unburdened by worries about what others might or might not think. Focus on creating value, on making a difference, in the best way you know how.

Give your love and assistance to others, but don’t let the need to please others compromise who you are. Be authentically you, for that’s what’s in the best interest of everyone.

— Ralph Marston

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