Shit Happens

Amid the imperfections

Expect the best, but don’t wallow in discouragement when events don’t unfold as you expected. Push toward perfection, but don’t let yourself be immobilized by imperfect results.

The fact is, difficult, unexpected, disappointing things will happen. Even with the best plans, the most diligent preparation, reality will often fall short of expectations.

When your efforts earn favorable results, let that inspire you to do even more. And when your results don’t meet your expectations, let that inspire you just as much.

Being disappointed is useful in the short term, but make sure it doesn’t morph into long-term discouragement. As soon as you feel disappointment, use that as a cue to begin a new, positive push forward.

Do all you can do, and then accept the reality of all that happens. Exercise diligent control over the things you can control, and refuse to be frustrated or demoralized by all the rest.

Life is not going to perfectly align with the way you envision it to be, but that’s okay. Because you can always do your best, always make things better, and continue to live very well amid all the imperfections.

— Ralph Marston

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