Life goes on

Life goes forward

Clouds dance along the distant horizon. Emerald leaves reach toward a sapphire sky.

The wonder that is life, the miracle that is existence, happens now. In you, through you, with you, around you, unfold beauty and detail never before known.

Within the spectacle, dwell endless possibilities. Within you lives the wisdom to choose from those possibilities, along with the energy that brings them into being.

Look outward for a while and take in the enormity, the potential of all you see. Then pull your focus deeply inside, and consider all you love, all you can do, all you can be.

Allow yourself to realize what an amazing and valuable moment this is. Encourage yourself as your spirit rises up to fulfill its highest destiny.

Live the wonder, ensconced in something larger than all you could ever imagine. Life goes forward, now and always.

— Ralph Marston

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