Go All In!

Go all in

This is not the time for half measures. This is your opportunity to take bold action, to make a difference.

You have an extensive list of diverse priorities and options. Make the choice, make the commitment to what truly matters, and go all in.

No matter what you do, or what you neglect, the irreplaceable time in this day will soon be over. Before that happens, you have the chance to make good and meaningful use of it.

Sure, conditions are not perfect. Yet you are perfectly capable of going forward with whatever conditions may exist.

Think of all those you love, of all the aspects of life that mean the most to you. Now is when you can put your love, your caring, your wonder, your values, into action.

Right now, step decisively toward a more positive future. Go all in, and live this day in the most generous, productive, and fulfilling way you can imagine.

— Ralph Marston

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