Opportunities for kindness

Here’s a quick, reliable, accessible way to genuinely feel good. Offer kindness to someone.

Here’s a surefire way to know you matter, to know without a doubt that you’re making a difference. Give kindness to another person.

Although your kindness may not even be noticed by anyone else, it has great value. Because you notice, and you observe the goodness within you being put into action.

Kindness heals, forgives, forgets past wrongs, and enables future progress. Kindness leaves, in the hearts of those who receive it, the urge to pass it along, to expand it and improve upon it.

Kindness is authentic, not complicated, within the reach of anyone. Those who practice kindness grow stronger, more confident, more creative, connected, and fulfilled.

Today you’ll encounter numerous opportunities for kindness. To the extent you sieze upon them, everybody wins.

— Ralph Marston

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