Play Time

Play time

Young children make massive developmental progress in amazingly short periods of time. And they do it by playing.

Children don’t try to develop their minds, they don’t worry, don’t strive or plot or struggle. They simply ride along on whim and curiosity, and play.

How long has it been since you let yourself play? Maybe today you could find some new insight and inspiration in doing so.

Take a thought, or a task, or a situation, or a problem, and just play with it. Instead of resolving to end up someplace in particular, go where whimsy leads.

Let go of any notion that anything has to be this way or that. Ignore what should be, while you discover all that can be.

Play for a while, just for the delight it brings you. And you’ll discover once again that it brings you a lot more than mere delight.

— Ralph Marston

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