Light of your love

You’re able to recognize the imperfections of others, because those imperfections exist in you as well. Your desire for others to change, is largely a longing for your own growth and improvement.

When you’re dismayed by the actions of others, let it inspire you first to change your own behavior. After all, the person you can most effectively and immediately improve, is you.

The most powerful way to transform your experience of being, is to transform yourself, with love. And when you seek to transform the world, that is without question the best way to start.

You could vanquish every enemy, eliminate every external injustice, and your own imperfection would still exist. So wouldn’t it be smarter to work on that before you set off to fix everyone else?

If you fear, pity, or despise every person who falls short of perfection, you’ll end up with no one left to love. Instead, forgive yourself, improve yourself, love yourself for who you are, and generously extend that love far, wide, deep.

You cannot fight the darkness away. Yet it will always recede wherever you sincerely shine the light of your love.

— Ralph Marston

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