Life overflows with abundance

Purposeful life

If you don’t have a well-defined purpose, you’re likely to follow anyone in any direction. If you’re not clear about where you intend to go, you’re not going to like where you end up.

When you’re purposeful, distractions are an annoyance, yet your purpose will pull you back on track. When you have no purpose, even the smallest distraction can lead you off into a vast expanse of wasted living.

It is not easy to live a purposeful life. But what’s far worse is a meaningless life.

Ask yourself what exactly you want, what you care about, what you love. Keep asking until you get an answer that you cannot deny.

Then take that purpose and lodge it firmly in the forefront of your awareness. Keep it there, to serve as a guide, a shield, and a powerful lens through which you focus your energy.

Life overflows with abundance, possibilities, opportunities. Align yourself in a specific direction, and enable yourself to make good use of it all.

— Ralph Marston

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