Unbounded mind

Allow your thoughts to escape the confined space they’ve been bouncing around in. Realize how far the possibilities stretch beyond the horizon.

What you see, what you know, what you’ve considered, pales in comparison to all of existence. And all of existence comprises only a tiny fraction of what can be.

You stand right now surrounded by a limitless expanse of possibilities. Send your thoughts out to explore its far reaches.

Accept that you do not know the extent of what you do not know. With humility and eager curiosity, let your thoughts go beyond where they’ve gone before.

Some new and powerful insight at this moment awaits your discovery. Venture all the way out to meet it, and earn its benefits for your life, for your world.

Give your thoughts a taste of freedom, and then let them have their fill. Partake of the endless treasure that your unbounded mind can imagine.

— Ralph Marston

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Just Do It!

Plenty of great work

The more you talk about what you’re going to do, the less you do. Stop talking, start doing.

You have to have a plan, but the plan is not the achievement. Once you have a workable plan, stop adorning it, start working it.

You can find plenty of activities to fill your time. Yet your purpose is not to merely fill time, but to make good use of it.

You know expectations drive results, so how do you create the most powerful expectations? You pounce on the opportunity, you jump into action.

Obtain raw energy from the challenge, from the moment, from your intention. Feel the power and effectiveness as you push that energy into motion.

Don’t let yourself get stuck waiting, wishing, planning, talking, or making excuses. You have plenty of great work to do.

— Ralph Marston

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Let It Be

Outside the pretenses

To live with humility, grace, compassion, understanding, is a good way to live. Not apart from the world, but not immersed in its absurdities either.

To see what is there, and comprehend, but to not be fearful or arrogant. To find a good and fulfilling way forward, with tranquility as a constant companion.

So many, so often, strive for fame and riches in an effort to acquire such a satisfying state of being. Yet that state is available at any time, in any situation, simply by untethering from all pretenses.

Yes, prosperity and the respect of others, those things have real value and goodness. Yet if they are nothing but an end in themselves, with no deeper purpose behind them, they destroy rather than enrich.

Can you let go of what you’ve been told you need, and discover the true richness you already have? If so, you’ll be loved for who you are, not merely for who you pretend to be.

Is there any greater peace, any higher fulfillment, than that? Step outside the pretenses, and allow your beauty to be the beauty of life itself.

— Ralph Marston

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The Unknown

Wednesday, February 5, 2020

New and wonderful worlds

Taste what you have not ever tasted. Look upon what you have not ever seen.

Think about what you have never before considered. Introduce yourself to those you do not know.

This day is not here to be a repeat of yesterday. Treasure and be thankful for all you know, and act on every opportunity to add to it.

Turn down a road where you’ve never traveled. Explore an opinion that conflicts with your own.

Yes, it’s good to find comfort and strength in what’s reliable and predictable. Yet you’ll also draw great energy and inspiration from what surprises you, from what you didn’t know was there.

Challenge your concepts of what life can be. And you’ll continually discover new and wonderful worlds.

— Ralph Marston

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