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I‘ll start my story in the winter of 1975. I was working in a machine shop during the day and going to Pierce College at night to finish a 4-year apprenticeship as a machinist. The class was called blueprint reading and quality control. During the course of the class we would visit Burrows Computers in Thousand Oaks several times. After all, their inspection techniques for computer micro-chips was state of the art. I learned how a micro-chip was made long before the computer was a household word. By 1979 I became fascinated with aerodynamics— flying airplanes to be more specific. By the end of April in '81 I had finished all my instrument training and passed all the necessary written exams. I had an appointment with an F.A.A. examiner to take my instrument check ride on May 3, '81, but I never took that checkride; you could say that my life changed directions.

On May 2, '81 I was returning from the beach near Santa Barbara when my 240Z swerved from the road and flipped end over end, ejecting me out the windshield. I spent the next eight weeks in a coma at Goleta hospital. At the time it was staffed with some of the finest medical minds in the country. Ex-president Ronny Regan had his ranch near-by. Remember John Travolta in "Welcome Back Kotter"? One of his famous lines was, "Up your nose with a rubber hose" that's how I lived for eight weeks. After eight weeks I'd stabilized enough to be transferred to Northridge Rehab. But before I was transferred, one of these megabuck neuro surgeons thought it was only fair that he fill in my mother:
" Your son has extensive brain damage; I think you should consider it fortunate if he can be taught to feed and dress himself." As it turned out, the doctor was half right; sometimes I do dress myself funny. But I never had any problem feeding myself. After a 6-month visit at Northridge my parents took me up north to live with them. In the spring of '83 I took this very class with Ernie , except back then he had his sidekick, Mikey, working with him. In the summer of '84 I returned back to the world of machine shop. I never could have imagined the chain of events that were waiting for me over the next 10 years. I would have a series of mentors that were some of the most outrageous thinkers on the planet.

I didn't realize it at the time but what was slowly happening to me over the years was what they call in medical terminology,"supercompensation." If you need an explanation of this, all you need do is have our Welding instructor Byron grab you by the throat with his remaining hand. You will quickly ascertain that Mother Nature has supercompensated Byron by making his left hand very, very strong. What does this have to do with me you ask? Here's where things get a little esoteric. God, I hate that word. The dictionary says: "esoteric: understood or intended for, only a few." I hate to contradict Webster's but, would you call airplanes or computers esoteric? How many people in this school could explain Bernoulli's principal? Or how many could tell me how they would manufacture a Micro-chip? Let's change Webster's definition into "accept" instead of "understood." Everyone at COS. accepts both airplanes and computers, but very few even know who Daniel Bernoulli was or have the foggiest idea how they would make a micro-chip.

The truth I'm about to relate here may not be understood or accepted by the majority, but for me, my mentors, and a great many New Age thinkers, it is not only to be accepted, but explained using modern medicine, physics, and psychology. When I went flying through the windshield of my 240Z that morning in May, I destroyed a good deal of my frontal lobe— the left frontal lobe to be more specific, as well as much of the associative memory I've been accumulating since childhood, but like in the case of Byron's left arm, my body began to overcompensate by opening up the previously dormant right half of my brain. It's true that I had to re-learn basic functions like walking and talking and a huge number of tasks we all take for granted, but it was worth it. What was it Jesus said - if one is to enter the kingdom of heaven he must be born again? According to my latest mentor,2/3rds of our brain is simply taking up space in the cranial cavity. With the opening of this right half and the death of my previous associative memory, came several new understandings. To start with, the human brain is not a storage place for knowledge, not like any computer. Scientists have been knocking their heads against the wall for years trying to figure out how an organ as small as a human brain can store such a vast amount of memories and knowledge. One answer came with the arrival of the holographic paradigm.

Remember at the beginning of the Star-Wars Trilogy, young Luke Skywalker was confronted by a small robot named R2-D2? The robot projected a small three dimensional image of the Princess Lea. This image was a hologram.If you were to take this image of the Princess and break it into a thousand little pieces,and then shine a laser through any one of the pieces you would get a complete image of the princess. That's why they call it a "whole-o-gram." With the arrival of Dr.Deepak Chopra and his teachings of Ayurveda in this country, both physics and medicine started to ask questions previously unthought of by science. Ayurveda is a Sanskrit word that can be roughly translated as ayur (life) and veda (knowledge or science), the science of life. It dates back over 4000 years to the ancient Vedas of India. It not only agrees with the holographic paradigm but it paints a whole new picture of the function and workings of the human body. Both the holographic paradigm and Ayurveda are beyond the scope of this paper, but I will give a brief explanation. Physicists that entertain such thoughts, claim that we live in a holographic universe and every cell of our body contains the knowledge of the entire universe. There's a saying in Ayurveda: "As is the microcosm. so is the macrocosm.As is the Cosmic body, so is the human body. " It not only explains spontaneous remissions of cancer but also so-called miracle healings of any number of people. And many previously thought of as paranormal experiences such as psychokinesis, telepathy, precognition, and retro cognition are looked at under a new light. In my humble opinion, the main difference between conventional medicine and Ayurveda is, Ayurveda treats the cause of an illness rather than the symptom. To understand this better let's look to the Quantum level.

helium Atom

The basic building block of all physical matter is the atom. An atom is made up of three main components: protons, neutrons, and electrons. Protons and neutrons are joined together to form the nucleus(core)of the atoms. Electrons orbit at tremendous speeds around the nucleus and thereby form the "shell" of the atom. The entire arrangement is held together by electromagnetic force. There are 118 basic elements,each existing simply because they have a different number of electrons and protons. The atom depicted at the left has two protons, two neutrons,and two electrons. (that would make it a helium atom) Another point worth mentioning is that the so-called material world is far less solid than it appears. Atoms consist almost entirely of empty space. If the nucleus of a hydrogen atom were to be enlarged to the size of a marble, its single electron would be a quarter of a mile away. The heaviest atom with the most neutrons, protons and electrons is uranium, with 92 electrons. If a uranium atom were enlarged to a half mile in diameter, the nucleus would be no larger than a baseball. That's a whole lot of nothing if you ask me. But is it nothing? Deepak being an endocrinologist and a leader in the mind-body medicine movement, put a fancy term to this nothing. He calls it "pure potentiality." In Ayurveda this "pure potentiality" is segregated into three things known as Doshas: Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. Everything in the universe is made up of its own unique combination of the Doshas. They treat the illness by treating these.

If we accept this holographic idea, we all know everything there is to know.But we need to remember!I've started the wheels in motion and for me there's no turning back. For more than twenty years I've been a learning animal. With every new idea I come across there's a new one to look into. My personal belief is that a person is either growing (new ideas,concepts, and theories) or he is dying. With the coming of a new millennium our planet is evolving from a micro one to a macro one,(1)and with it there are many new concepts coming forth; my questions are: Are you a separate body made up of atoms and molecules in an illusionary "material" world, or are you "pure potentiality"? Are you going to be born, live out a "normal" life span,die, and jump right back on the wheel of reincarnation? Or will you WAKE UP!


(1)In a true Macro Society their are no poor nor rich everyone owns everything

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