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Our world is pointing toward an insistence on conformity which is causing enormous grief. (think about it) It’s what’s at the heart of all religious battles, and me thinks religious battles are what are at the heart of all battles. … Continue reading

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Savor it

It’s not possible to go back. You know too much, but it is possible to be easy about it. Don’t rush into things. Savor them more. Make more plans and be more deliberate and specific about the plans that you … Continue reading

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Most rarely align with their true power, because it seems illogical to them that there is power in relaxation, in letting go, or in love or joy or bliss. Most people do not understand that their true power lies in … Continue reading

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Making it so

Life can be exciting in a good way, and yet it doesn’t have to be exciting to be good. It’s nice when life is pleasant, and yet life doesn’t have to be pleasant to be rich and fulfilling. It can … Continue reading

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