Truth of who you are

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Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Truth of who you are

Your mind is too precious, your thoughts and values too hard won, to let them be stolen by trivialities. Yet that danger lurks every time you settle for mere pleasure or convenience when serious contemplation and effort are called for.

Take care that you not lay to waste everything your discipline and focus have earned. It’s tragically easy to do when you select the easiest options in lieu of the best ones.

Fortunately, your diligence can keep your indolence at bay. With humility you’re able to avoid the gravitational pull of arrogance.

You have the tools with which to fill each day with positive purpose, with meaning, solid substance, achievement and value. Those tools are yours when you choose the challenge of truth over the convenience of lies.

You can quickly learn again to love the rarefied air of authenticity. You can allow yourself to experience and express the truth that has always existed at your deepest level of perception.

Insist on living as who you are, not who it’s easiest to pretend to be. Live the purpose that is always a challenge to articulate yet ultimately impossible to deny.

— Ralph Marston
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Enjoy the day

Enjoy the day. Enjoy your life.

Bask in the sunshine when it appears. Revel in awe at the drama of storms that occasionally pass through.

Walk through the seasons with steady intention. Find wonder as you wander across the truth of existence.

You’re sure to encounter trouble and pain, but they don’t have to stop you. Use your strength to keep going, for there’s always beauty ahead.

Something new, someone fascinating, is waiting to be seen, appreciated, treasured. Delight in the discoveries you’re able to make, the genuine good you’re able to do.

Whatever the day holds, decide to enjoy it. Experience again and again how beneficial and fulfilling such a choice can be.

— Ralph Marston

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All the richness

All the richness

Take a walk in the sunshine. Have a long talk with a treasured friend.

Play silly games with your children. Sit quietly and watch stars fill the sky.

Feel the cool breeze on your face. Enjoy a good meal with those you love.

Your time is precious. Spend as much of it as you can on what fulfills your deepest sense of living.

Many activities masquerade as urgent that really don’t matter. Whenever you notice time is passing, let it be a reminder to focus on what you truly care about.

You have the great fortune of being able to experience today. With your thoughts, your priorities, your actions, live all the richness available to you.

— Ralph Marston

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Embark on adventure

Embark on adventure

Adventure energizes your mind, your spirit, even your body. That increased energy spills over into every corner of your life.

Adventure motivates you to improve your existing skills and develop new ones. It heightens your awareness, deepens your gratitude and sense of purpose.

Today does not have to be just another day. You have the choice, you have the power, to make it into an adventure.

What’s necessary for adventure? First on the list is some sort of challenge, and chances are you have immediate access to plenty of worthwhile challenges.

Then there’s open-mindedness, curiosity, a desire to explore, take risks, and learn, plus a clear purpose. Those are all factors you’re perfectly capable of providing on any given day, whatever your situation may be.

So right here, right now, you can make anything you do into a genuine adventure. Answer the call, and add the many benefits of adventure to your life today.

— Ralph Marston

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