Ideal circumstances

Ideal circumstances

Those who hold out for the perfect partner often end up with no partner. Those who seek the perfect opportunity may never find the opportunity they seek.

It’s great to expect the best out of life. But it’s foolish to expect the best to be handed to you upfront with no contribution on your part.

You’re simply not ever going to walk into a ready-made set of ideal circumstances. Yet you’ll encounter circumstances all the time where you can work to create much value.

A situation without any challenges is a fantasy. Look instead for situations with meaningful challenges.

Perfection is not usually a condition you can work from. It is, however, something you can always work toward.

Go with what you have, with what’s available. And you’ll be able to go to some truly great places.

— Ralph Marston

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Slow and Steady

Slow and steady

Perhaps you’ve entertained the fantasy of rushing in on a white horse and saving the world. But it doesn’t work that way.

Much of what improves life comes out of boring and tedious work. The good things in life don’t require saving so much as they require ongoing maintenance, support, and appreciation.

Glamour and cleverness don’t matter nearly so much as commitment and persistence. It’s important to do what must be done rather than doing merely what appears fun and exciting.

In the ordinary hours and ordinary efforts, extraordinary achievements are built. The work that no one gets excited about will end up being the work everyone benefits from.

It’s thrilling to drive a sports car down the highway at 70 miles per hour. Yet for that to happen, someone must build the highway, a few feet at a time.

Enjoy the exciting experiences when you can. But don’t dismiss all the value and fulfillment you can create with ordinary, slow and steady work.

— Ralph Marston

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Keep Growing

Keep growing

Right now you have an opportunity to grow. Take advantage of that opportunity to add depth, substance, and meaning to life.

No matter what you’ve already accomplished, every challenge you take on can bring new benefits. Whatever your level of learning and experience, you can always learn and do more.

When you get to thinking you’ve seen it all, that cuts you off from new and enlightening experiences. Think instead about the possibilities of the moment, draw fresh energy from them, and jump out of your complacency.

If you ever feel like you have all the answers, get busy and find more questions. See that each new discovery is a starting point, not a final destination.

The joy of life is in the journey. The fulfillment you accumulate is in the growing.

Whatever comes, whatever goes, keep growing. Never let it stop.

— Ralph Marston

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Own you mistakes

Own your mistakes

You’re going to make mistakes. When you do, acknowledge them, learn from them, and move on.

It all sounds so simple and obvious, as indeed it is. But that doesn’t mean it is trivial.

Each mistake can be either a powerful opportunity if you are honest about it. Or it can become a crushing burden if you’re not.

Some mistakes are costly. Yet the sooner you pay their price, the lower that price will be.

That’s why the moment you realize you’ve made a mistake is a moment to be thankful. For that’s when you can begin to transform the mistake from a problem into an opportunity.

Own your mistakes. And proceed to create real, positive value from the truth of what you have done.

— Ralph Marston

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