Forego Something Easy

Forego something easy

Want to help yourself grow stronger, more purposeful, more capable? Choose to forego something easy each day.

Easy activities entice you into wasting time, losing focus, and setting aside purpose. They lull you into carelessness and complacency.

Those are not ideal states in which to experience and fulfill the potential of your life. You deserve more richness and depth than what is found in the easiest choices.

Just because an easy option is available doesn’t automatically make it the best option. That’s especially true when you extend your consideration beyond the fleeting moment and into the whole of your life.

Certainly it’s foolish to impose unnecessary burdens on yourself. Yet it’s also shortsighted when you deny yourself the opportunity for challenging, meaningful and satisfying effort.

What is easy, what is empty, cannot fill you with value, no matter how much of it you get. Look for opportunities to replace it with experiences and activities that are not so easy, yet much more enriching.

— Ralph Marston

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The Long Haul

The long haul

Quick progress is possible but it’s usually not sustainable. Real improvement comes when you’re in it for the long haul.

Every action takes place in the short term, in the moment. Be prepared to take those immediate actions and to keep doing so well into the future.

If a problem can be resolved quickly, that’s great. But if immediate gratification is your default expectation, you’ll be disappointed more often than not.

Instead, embrace opportunities to make investments in your life that are ongoing, consistent, disciplined. Not only do such investments bring valuable results, they also build in you powerful character and resilience.

Putting forth a spectacular effort today is outstanding. But don’t deceive yourself into thinking it will spare you from doing work tomorrow.

Those aspects of life that bring meaning and fulfillment, you’re in for the long haul. Continue to discover for yourself what a good thing that can be.

— Ralph Marston

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Hear and Now

Here and now

Here and now you can forgive, laugh, appreciate, enjoy. Life’s goodness is really not so distant or difficult.

From pain to healing, it’s not that far. From conflict to cooperation, you can jump in an instant.

Stop caring so much about proving you were right. What makes life worth living is who you can be, the love you can give.

Here and now is one little slice of time for you to fill with simple goodness. Offer a small kindness, a bit of understanding, a little effort that adds to life’s beauty.

Encourage and you’ll find encouragement. Act in the direction of your highest hopes and bring them steadily into reality.

There’s always space for improvement, and your beneficial actions can fill that space. Here and now, add to the value and meaning of life.

— Ralph Marston

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No matter what

No matter what

You start with the best of intentions. Then all too often, life gets in the way.

Intention occurs in the idealized and protected space of your mind. Action, on the other hand, must take place in the messy, complicated, and difficult realm of reality.

As such, transforming intention into action takes effort, flexibility, persistence, and more. Intention is necessary for action, but not sufficient.

From the moment you put forth your best intentions, be realistic about what is required to bring them about. Be prepared to invest yourself in the real-world manifestation of those intentions.

When you find that you’ve failed to act on your intentions, don’t just chalk it up to life getting in the way. Instead, become curious, take responsibility, understand why you failed to act and what you can do differently to create a more active, positive result.

Formulate intentions to which you can fully commit yourself, knowing you’re certain to face challenges. Then you’ll be ready to act on those good intentions, no matter what.

— Ralph Marston

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