Your Awareness


Your awareness

Life can wear you down, or life can lift you up. It all
depends on how you choose to see it and live it.

The primary component of weariness is not age or infirmity
or circumstance. It is attitude.

The main ingredient of enthusiasm is not youth or comfort or
good fortune. It is your attitude, based on your awareness.

What do you look for, think about, focus on and expect? That
is what you will experience.

Focus the bulk of your awareness not on transient
trivialities, but on what truly matters to you, to your
dreams, and to your values. Pay much less attention to the
fears and frustrations, and much more attention to the
positive possibilities and opportunities.

Sincerely see life as beautiful and fulfilling, and you will
make life beautiful and fulfilling. Your awareness has
awesome power, so use it wisely and lovingly.

Ralph Marston

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