Give nourishment


Every part of life requires regular nourishment. If anything
in your life seems to be going downhill, it is probably not
receiving enough good, solid nourishment and positive

You cannot eat one big meal and expect it to last for a
week. Not only physical, but also mental and spiritual
nourishment must come in continuing portions to support a
healthy, fulfilling life.

Nourishment must also be of good quality in order to be
beneficial. Just as you can’t expect to live well on junk
food, you can’t expect to live a good life in a mentally or
spiritually toxic environment.

Nourish your mind, nourish your body and nourish your spirit
with quality substance. All that you do on a
moment-by-moment basis combines to influence the way your
life unfolds.

Every experience, every situation, every tick of the clock
is an opportunity to nourish some part of your life. As you
go through each day, keep that in mind, and provide your
life with good, positive nourishment all along the way.

Good nourishment makes what is good, better, and what is
strong, stronger. Give good nourishment to your life, your
values, your thoughts and your dreams, and enjoy as it all
grows richer, brighter and stronger.

Ralph Marston

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