Leap into the Unknown!


Something new

Today is a day for something new in your life. Think of what
it could be.

This is a new, original day. So celebrate it, honor it, and
live it with new, original experiences.

You’re only stuck in a rut to the extent that you allow
yourself to be. On this beautiful, unique day, go beyond
everything you’ve done before and put some new, meaningful
substance into your life.

That doesn’t mean you have to do something that will be
reported on the local news. It just means that you have the
opportunity to add a new flavor of richness to this
experience that is your life.

Think of all you love, all you care about, all you desire
and wish for, all you value, and all the things you’re
curious about. Go ahead, take a step you’ve always wanted to
take, and explore an aspect of life you’ve always wanted to
know more about.

What a shame it would be for today to be an exact copy of
any other day. This is your chance for something new, so
take that chance, get out of your rut, and experience the
wonder of existence in a way you’ve never known before.

Ralph Marston

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