Get Happy!!!



Let happiness light the way

Happiness is a choice, not an achievement. Nothing will make
you happy until you decide to be happy.

Happiness is not found in a particular set of conditions.
Happiness is a powerful and positive way to deal with the
conditions, whatever they may be.

How can you be happy when the world seems to be crashing
down around you? Even though you may not be happy about
what’s going on, you can be happy for the opportunity to
make a difference.

If you wait until some specific thing happens before being
happy, you’ll have a long, unhappy wait. Choose instead to
live your happiness no matter what, and your happiness will
light the way to those good things you desire.

Being happy is not naive. When you put no conditions on your
happiness, and simply let it flow, it is empowering, and

Forget about how easy or hard it might seem, and find it
within yourself to be happy. Let your happiness push you
forward into a life you can be very happy about.

Ralph Marston

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