Don’t worry be happy – Pee Wee Herman

Live your happiness

Think of something today into which you can pour genuine joy and happiness. Then do it.

You won’t add one little bit of value to the world by being miserable. Take the more positive, productive alternative, and live your happiness.

Expect to find a way, in whatever you’re doing, to live your happiness. Even when you’re not pleased with the situation, you can give the gift of your own happiness to it.

Live your true, authentic happiness and with it, you will make a difference. The happier you choose to be, the more effective, generous, and helpful you become.

Don’t limit your happiness just to certain specific conditions. Employ happiness as a powerful means of adding value to every circumstance.

Get yourself focused on the positive and energized into action. Live your happiness, and live life at your best.

— Ralph Marston

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