I Wish!!!

Wish and do

Wishing is informative, but not transformative. Wishing is an excellent starting point, yet it is not a viable strategy.

You must forge your wish into a commitment. Then express that commitment with your energy, effort, time, ingenuity and resources.

Take note of your wish, feel it, let it set your direction. Then get up, move in that direction with action, and persevere in your action.

Anything you can imagine, you can wish for. What you actually achieve is whatever you’re willing to work for.

When it means enough to you, a wish feels powerful, almost inevitable. That power you feel, though, is not the wish itself, but your own potential to achieve it.

You’ve had the wish, clarified your direction, and you can sense your great potential to make it happen. Now, fulfill that potential by doing the work to bring your wish to life.

— Ralph Marston

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