Seek harmony

Conflict leads to despair and destruction. Harmony supports, encourages, creates value, trust, and positive energy.

Focus your awareness not on what you oppose or wish to avoid. Instead, keep your thoughts and actions centered on all you love and support and wish to experience more of in life.

Those who have opinions and perspectives that are different from yours are not your enemies. Indeed, they can be your greatest teachers.

Seek to get beyond the urge to fight, beyond the need to prove yourself. Live on a level at which respect, understanding, and cooperation guide your interactions.

Discover how much more can be achieved through agreement and finding common ground than through argument and opposition. Use your energy along with others to build together rather than wasting it in tearing each other down.

Let go of your ego’s combative urges, and let the power of harmony into your world. The less you fight, the less you oppose, the more there is for everyone to create and enjoy.

— Ralph Marston

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