TCT Thoughts Create Things

Choose the best thoughts

Build on the thoughts that serve you. Let go of the thoughts that don’t.

Every action begins with a thought. So choose the thoughts that lead to the most desirable, useful, productive, successful actions.

When a negative, limiting thought such as doubt or dismay appears, you can choose to make it disappear, to replace it with something else. If the negative thought should come back, you can kick it out again.

Changing the thoughts in your mind requires no physical effort, no long waiting period, no specialized skill. All that’s necessary is your intention to do so.

Think of a dark blue convertible driving along a winding, mountainous coastal highway just after sunset. If reading those words can change your thoughts, so can your own intention.

Your thoughts are continuously amplified by your actions into your experience of life. Choose the very best.

— Ralph Marston

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