Kindness is my Religion

Proactive kindness

It’s in your best interest to be considerate of the best interests of others. It’s in your best interest to live in a world where there’s more understanding and less divisiveness.

You can’t force others to be kinder, more tolerant, more cooperative. Yet you can set a powerful positive example with your own behavior.

Don’t wait to receive kindness before offering kindness to others. You can be more proactive than that.

You can be the first person in the situation to act with genuine kindness. You can be the first person to listen, to seek to understand, to offer your assistance.

Your kindness will not always be returned. It will, however, always make a difference and set a positive example.

The highly beneficial conditions of friendship, understanding, unity, and peace have to start somewhere. Do your best to let them start with you.

— Ralph Marston

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