Welcome the unknown

Opportunity of the unknown

What can you embrace about each difficulty you encounter? What can you make use of in the challenges that appear in your life?

Unpleasant, undesirable things will happen, many times beyond your ability to expect, prevent, or avoid. Yet you always have the ability to respond in a positive way.

Indeed, difficulties will often push you to become stronger, more capable, more highly experienced and effective. Difficulties will force abilities to the surface that you never before realized you had.

You won’t do yourself much good by fearing circumstances beyond your control. Instead, welcome the opportunity of the unknown, even when it encompasses challenge and difficulty.

Look for some aspect of each situation that you can put to positive use. Find a path to follow that brings you out of the situation ahead of where you were when you encountered it.

You can be much stronger, much more capable than you’ve yet discovered. Seek opportunity in the unknown, and give your best qualities a way to emerge.

— Ralph Marston

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