Give it everything you’ve got

The adventure begins

What you’ve worked toward your whole life, you’ve now attained. Certainly, it’s not exactly the way you imagined, but that just makes it even better.

Your most authentic priorities have brought you to this moment, to this situation. You’ve successfully created a unique and valuable set of experiences.

Perhaps you’re thrilled about how it has gone and what you’ve done. Or maybe you’re disappointed about some of it, or much of it.

Either way, now is your time to put it all to a newer, higher, more enlightened use. Here you are, with the wisdom and experience to live more richly than ever.

Consider all the opportunities you’ve had, and smile to yourself. Because no matter how they all turned out, now you are greeted with an even better opportunity.

Now is your chance to move forward, with understanding, with purpose, with love. Now the adventure begins, and here you are, ready to give it everything you have.

— Ralph Marston

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