It’s all about the Journey

Monday, March 23, 2020

Where you’re headed

What makes life good is not any particular situation, no matter how attractive it may be. What makes life good is the process of moving toward something deeply desired and valuable.

Where you’re headed is far more significant than where you are. And you have remarkable influence over where you’re headed.

Whether you’re currently in a good place, or a brutally challenging one, the decision is yours. Where do you now choose to be going?

Success begins to happen the moment you start acting to make it happen. The rewards of any ambitious effort begin to accumulate within the effort itself.

Look forward, to a world made better by your focused action, your resourcefulness, your love. Envision that world, step purposefully toward it, and it begins to be real.

You have the moment, you have the skill, you have the desire. Harness it all to move life in a positive and fulfilling direction.

— Ralph Marston

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