Happy for no reason


If you place conditions on happiness, even when those conditions are all met you won’t enjoy real happiness. You’ll be living in fear that those conditions will change.

Make your happiness a choice, not a reaction or result. Give happiness to life rather than waiting for some particular set of circumstances to bring it to you.

The world can and will treat you unfairly, and yet happiness is still yours to choose. When you do, you activate the power to change your world for the better.

Being happy with life is not some silly, superficial emotion that evaporates with the next moment. Real, unconditional happiness is deep and empowering.

In the unimaginably vast expanse of time and space, you have the great fortune to be alive here and now, able to choose and to make a difference. From your gratitude for all that is, for all you are, let happiness flow.

Be happy from deep within. Let the light of that happiness brighten your whole world.

— Ralph Marston

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