Patience Grasshopper

Good things take time

Instant gratification might feel good for a moment. Yet it cannot compare, in value or endurance, to the good things you can build over time.

The achievements you’ll treasure most are the ones that are the longest in coming. They’re the ones into which you put the most of who you are.

There simply are no substitutes for prolonged effort, commitment, and patience. And there certainly are no substitutes for the valuable things they will bring into your life.

Perhaps it seems shrewd to take all you can from life, as soon as you can. The far wiser approach, however, is to give to life, as much and as often as possible.

What you give is what ends up lasting the longest. What you give will build value and fulfillment far into the future.

Have patience, and know that some of the greatest treasures in life take a long time to fully arrive. That gives you the time, and the opportunity, to put the best of yourself into them.

— Ralph Marston

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