Unbounded mind

Allow your thoughts to escape the confined space they’ve been bouncing around in. Realize how far the possibilities stretch beyond the horizon.

What you see, what you know, what you’ve considered, pales in comparison to all of existence. And all of existence comprises only a tiny fraction of what can be.

You stand right now surrounded by a limitless expanse of possibilities. Send your thoughts out to explore its far reaches.

Accept that you do not know the extent of what you do not know. With humility and eager curiosity, let your thoughts go beyond where they’ve gone before.

Some new and powerful insight at this moment awaits your discovery. Venture all the way out to meet it, and earn its benefits for your life, for your world.

Give your thoughts a taste of freedom, and then let them have their fill. Partake of the endless treasure that your unbounded mind can imagine.

— Ralph Marston

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