Break the pattern

If life has been disappointing you, break the pattern. If you’ve been disappointing yourself, break the pattern.

That doesn’t mean throwing everything away and starting over. It’s a matter of forcing yourself to adopt a new perspective.

It means connecting with the living energy that makes you who you are. It means launching yourself on a mission that excites you and compels you into action.

Visualize yourself as feeling sluggish and bored on a sweltering day. Imagine the refreshing change you’d immediately achieve by jumping into a pool of clear, cool water.

What could you do right now, mentally, physically, spiritually, to create a change like that? What would send a burst of fresh, positive energy coursing through your entire being?

Open yourself to the possibilities of breaking any negative or unproductive pattern you may be in. Jump quickly into a higher, more satisfying level of living.

— Ralph Marston

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