One of those times

What if now is one of those times you’ll look back on with gratitude for having been through? What if this is one of those situations you’ll someday wish you had made better use of?

Many of your most valuable experiences didn’t seem so great at the time. Perhaps this experience will one day join that list.

Certainly you’re faced with difficulties you’d rather not have. Yet in each of those difficulties, there is also opportunity.

Imagine that you could focus more on the opportunities and less on the difficulties. What would that look like, and how would it feel?

Think about putting more of your energy into positive action and spending less of that energy on worry and resentment. How would that affect your current attitude, and what impact would it have on your future?

Maybe this is, in fact, one of those times you’ll end up being very thankful for. Or if it’s not already, you can make it one.

— Ralph Marston

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