Pay Attention

Pay attention

Pay attention, and attention pays you back in great abundance. Be willing to see clearly what is going on around you, and act on what you see.

Even the most obvious truths can be easy to ignore when they first become evident. But ignoring the truth does not make it go away.

When you sense an opportunity, pay attention. When you feel something isn’t right, do the work to pay close attention.

What starts as a frivolous trend can soon become an unstoppable force. What first appears as a minor annoyance can morph into an overwhelming burden.

Pay attention, and notice new developments while you still have the power to create maximum benefit with them, or subdue them, or at least get out of their way. Pay attention today, or tomorrow you will desperately wish you had.

Blissful ignorance can feel good for a moment, but it’s a tragically insufficient long-term strategy. Pay attention, and gain the wherewithal to thrive as present realities give birth to their consequences in the future.

— Ralph Marston

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