Truth of who you are

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Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Truth of who you are

Your mind is too precious, your thoughts and values too hard won, to let them be stolen by trivialities. Yet that danger lurks every time you settle for mere pleasure or convenience when serious contemplation and effort are called for.

Take care that you not lay to waste everything your discipline and focus have earned. It’s tragically easy to do when you select the easiest options in lieu of the best ones.

Fortunately, your diligence can keep your indolence at bay. With humility you’re able to avoid the gravitational pull of arrogance.

You have the tools with which to fill each day with positive purpose, with meaning, solid substance, achievement and value. Those tools are yours when you choose the challenge of truth over the convenience of lies.

You can quickly learn again to love the rarefied air of authenticity. You can allow yourself to experience and express the truth that has always existed at your deepest level of perception.

Insist on living as who you are, not who it’s easiest to pretend to be. Live the purpose that is always a challenge to articulate yet ultimately impossible to deny.

— Ralph Marston
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